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How To Exclude A File From McAfee Antivirus Scan?

In this article, we are going to show you how to exclude a file from McAfee antivirus scan, so that whenever you access that file. It is not moved automatically to the quarantine.

So let’s see how to do this?

  1. Simply start McAfee antivirus on your system.
  2. And before we go any further, We would like to show the version number of my current installation of the McAfee antivirus. So click on the account option here. If you want to check yours, and then click on the about button which is there in the middle, and then they’ll show the pop-up dialog screen. And in my case, the McAfee antivirus is version 16. So, this solution is applicable to version 16 and above.
  3. So that’s it for the version information. Let’s go back.
  4. So now let’s see how to exclude a file from being scanned by McAfee. Click on the sprocket icon in the menu bar, and then under the PC security option. Click on the real-time scanning option.
  5. And once this dialogue loads up, we can see that there’s an excluded files list, click on this, and they’ll show the list of all the files that were excluded so far.
  6. We want to add a new file to the list so that it’s excluded from the scanning process, simply click on Add File button, and then select the file that you wish to exclude, and then click on the Open button.
  7. And then, it can be seen here that the file has been added to the exclusion list. So now the next time you access this file McAfee antivirus will not move the file automatically to quarantine. If you would like to remove this file from this whitelist, and you would like McAfee antivirus in the future to scan for this file and report any issues or even quarantine, it automatically, simply click on this file and click on the Remove button over here. And it’s going to ask for confirmation, so click on the Remove and it’s going to be removed from the list.
  8. One thing to note here is you cannot exclude a folder from being scanned. We understand that some of you might want to exclude a folder and have actually performed thorough research on this topic.

We have visited the McAfee forums and what We have noticed is that the folder exclusion feature was available in the previous versions of McAfee antivirus, but at least as of this version which is version 16 and above the folder exclusion is not available anymore, so sadly, we all have to exclude files manually by selecting them and adding those files, one by one. It’s a cumbersome process but unfortunately, McAfee does not give us an audit anymore.