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How to fix McAfee Subscription Expired Error?

You’re getting messages that your McAfee subscription has expired. Even though you just renewed it or still have some time left. Here’s what you should do. Let’s explain first that messages about your expired McAfee subscription, typically appear as a red warning would text reading something like your computer is at risk, renew your subscription, or your McAfee software might even display a pop-up alert saying, protect what you value.

These subscription messages can occur for a variety of reasons, including issues with your internet connection. Incorrect computer settings, local account issues, even a problem with your information in the McAfee database. However, if you’re getting messages that your McAfee subscription has expired. Even though you just renewed it, or there is still some time left on your current subscription, and you recently renewed your McAfee subscription, under the same email address, or you recently renewed your McAfee subscription under the same email address. But purchasing a different product suite. One different from what you had installed before then do the following.

  1. Verify that the settings on your computer are correct. Verify that your system date, time and time are correct, and if necessary, adjust them, then restart your computer.
  2. If you are still getting subscription messages, run the McAfee virtual technician, go to the McAfee consumer support homepage by using the link in the description.
  3. Scroll down to the McAfee virtual technician section, then click download and run. If prompted, save the NVT. txt file to your desktop.
  4. Next, double click on the file where click Run to start the McAfee virtual technician, click yes if the Windows User Account Control asks you to allow the virtual technician to run and wait for it to install initialize and update, which will take a few minutes to complete the McAfee virtual technician will scan your PC for issues with your McAfee product. And if any issues are found. Simply choose how to fix and follow the prompts to allow the virtual technician to fix the problem.

If it is unsuccessful contact McAfee’s technical support@service.mcafee.com/contact with no issues are found, close the virtual technician. If you are still getting subscription error messages, even after running the virtual technician and reinstall your McAfee product. It’s highly recommended to activate your McAfee subscription before attempting to remove any related antivirus product. This ensures that you keep your rights to the product license, without having to buy a new subscription. With that done to uninstall your McAfee product open settings and click on apps in-app and features, search for your McAfee antivirus and select uninstall. Next, you will need to reinstall the McAfee software,

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